FMEA Konkret release dates



Number of issuesCurrently one issue per year is planned 
TopicIssue Nr. Deadline

Date of publication

FMEA in a state of emergency21-1230.3.20215.5. d, 30.5. eGER / EN
AIAG & VDA in Love19-1114.10.201920.12.2019GER / EN
Wait and see what comes19-1015.2.201910.3.2019GER
Software for analysis16-0810.10.20167.11.2016GER
War of the worlds16-0711.3.201621.4.2016GER
Monster changes15-0616.11.20157.12.2015GER
Process analysis15-0527.3.201528.4.2015GER
FMEA evolution14-045.12.201419.12.2014GER
Spring fever14-0311.04.201429.04.2014GER
Christmas wish13-0210.11.201310.12.2013GER
No Risk - no fun13-013.05.201314.05.2013GER
Circulation german2500 copies & 2.550 XING Forum & online-pdf distribution.
Circulation englishNo numbers yet
Target groupFMEA- users, moderators, trainers, auditors, decision maker, interested parties and software-producers
Magazine format210 mm wide x 297 mm high (A4) (english version only digital available)
Print space190 mm wide x 260 mm high
Volumefirst 8, 12, 20, 24, 28, 28, 52 sites (currently 44)
ISSN (Online) 2198-6851 TBD



FMEA quote of the month

Real knowledge of the method is not the problem, but the belief in knowing something for sure, which is actually wrong. (Martin Werdich 01-2020)