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FMEA Konkret release dates



Number of issuesCurrently one issue per year is planned 
TopicIssue Nr. Deadline

Date of publication

no title yet22-1330.3.20225.5. d, 30.6. eGER / EN
FMEA in a state of emergency21-1230.3.20215.5. d, 30.6. eGER / EN
AIAG & VDA in Love19-1114.10.201920.12.2019GER / EN
Wait and see what comes19-1015.2.201910.3.2019GER
Software for analysis16-0810.10.20167.11.2016GER
War of the worlds16-0711.3.201621.4.2016GER
Monster changes15-0616.11.20157.12.2015GER
Process analysis15-0527.3.201528.4.2015GER
FMEA evolution14-045.12.201419.12.2014GER
Spring fever14-0311.04.201429.04.2014GER
Christmas wish13-0210.11.201310.12.2013GER
No Risk - no fun13-013.05.201314.05.2013GER
Circulation german2500 copies & 2.550 XING Forum & online-pdf distribution.
Circulation englishNo numbers yet
Target groupFMEA- users, moderators, trainers, auditors, decision maker, interested parties and software-producers
Magazine format210 mm wide x 297 mm high (A4) (english version only digital available)
Print space190 mm wide x 260 mm high
Volumefirst 8, 12, 20, 24, 28, 28, 52 sites (currently 44)
ISSN (Online) 2198-6851 TBD