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We are very happy to present the 11th edition of the FMEA KONKRET magazine – and the first one in English language!

In this issue we are dealing with the new harmonized AIAG-VDA handbook from June 2019. Our editorial team read it word by word and summarized it for you. In parallel, we, as software-independent experts, asked about the implementation status at FMEA-Software companies and comprehensively prepared it for you.
We show you exactly which are the relevant inputs for the P-diagram and how you can use it sensibly for your analyzes.
We have compiled many other hot topics for you about: more efficient communication, a nightmare assessment story, requirements unequal functions and reverse FMEA. The item with the question whether the severity really has to be transferred 1: 1 from the Design- into the Process-FMEA could trigger a discussion. In his legendary column, our "jokester" in the neck is concerned with the question how France will deal with the new FMEA handbook.

At this point we would like to thank the sponsors and advertisers. Without them, it would be difficult to present this quality to you.

Our goal with this magazine? Many employees are charged with the topic of FMEA without any support and then left alone. This often leads to inefficient workshops, wrong results, misunderstanding and unacceptance of the methodology, heterogeneous and incompatible method landscapes - even within one single company. Our goal is to supply know-how on current developments in methodology provided  by experienced moderators, for top professionals as well as for beginners. Furthermore, we want to actively promote the networking of FMEA responsibles in order to advance and standardize the methodology and to support your daily work
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Since the beginning of 2014, ISSN numbers have been assigned to us by the German National Library. We are therefore an official and referable magazine:

ISSN (Print ger) 2198-6827

ISSN (Online ger) 2198-6851

ISSN (Online eng) 2701-5246


We wish all an enjoyable reading, a lot of valuable and inspiring inputs and many successful FMEA workshops!
Martin Werdich / FMEAplus Akademie GmbH



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The 21-12 edition of the FMEA is available to you and your international colleagues in English since now (June 2021).