About us

Founded in Ulm in 2012, the FMEAplus Academy has set itself the goal of advancing the FMEA method.

We also want to support this goal through this professional magazine FMEA KONKRET, especially for moderators and those interested in FMEA.

It is important to improve the image of the FMEA method through effective engagement for this magazine, because a good FMEA creates a recognizable benefit for the product, project and employees.

Tried and tested FMEA trainers and moderators from the front together form the competent heart for the FMEA KONKRET. With the highest level of competence and experience, they deliver items according to state-of-the-art technology and science.



FMEA quote of the month

Real knowledge of the method is not the problem, but the belief in knowing something for sure, which is actually wrong. (Martin Werdich 01-2020)