Edition 19-11 | AIAG & VDA in Love

  • AIAG-VDA - What's new in the FMEA handbook? - an essential extract!
  • Software: Implementation of the “FMEA Handbook 1st Edition 2019” requirements
  • The P-diagram, a supporting tool, or the complete confusion?
  • FMEA for planning police operations?
  • Interface to functional safety: QM is equal to QM - or?
  • France is in the „Bredouille“
  • Communication for engineers and technicians
  • European FMEA Congress 2019: review and outlook
  • Current discussion from practice: handover from design to process
  • Requirements are not the same as functions!
  • What scenarios give you sleepless nights?
  • Dates 2020/2021
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FMEA quote of the month

Real knowledge of the method is not the problem, but the belief in knowing something for sure, which is actually wrong. (Martin Werdich 01-2020)